Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh My God, Look At His Eye!!!!!

"This [fascination with his left eye] strikes me as yet another example of people who don't like John McCain being rather disturbingly eager to find something physically wrong with him."

-- Orac, catching the kooks trying to spread a conspiracy theory that John McCain has had an unannounced stroke, delivered with Respectful Insolence.

Man, the Democrats are insane,...


  1. This people make me SICK!

    Making an issue of not being able to use a computer didn't get the pinkos anywhere. Once it came to light that McCain is unable to use a computer due to war injuries, well, that made the Obama camp look like childish idiots.

    Now it's time for them to make an issue of his skin cancer and his age. I think that will backfire too...there are far many people McCain's age who will actually VOTE and probably don't like the ageism exhibited by Obama. They'll count on the 'youth vote'...good luck on that one, Obama. My father is 70 and serving his second term in office as a sheriff. Believe me, he doesn't feel too old to do the job.

    What's next from the libs? Are they going to bring up McCain as a Manchurian Candidate brainwashed by the Viet Cong?

  2. By the Dems' argument, Obama's ears are proof he's incapable of leadership (remember the eugenics experiments? They haven't gone away, believe me -- and no one believes in them more than lefties).

    Plus, according to their often stated fears, he faces instant assassination as president because he's black. So ... equal risk.


  3. Fuck, Kerri, I almost forgot about that computer thing!

    It makes me think about how episodic this all is; how one thing can be launched, and while you're not looking, they stick you with something else, and on and on and on. Man. They're just relentless.

    Thank goodness they're so fond of over-reaching, because it makes them their own worst enemies. Don't forget: I've predicted it's the Democratic party that's going to lose this election, and I still think that's true:

    They just can't help themselves.

  4. Very good point about the Dems loosing this for Obama. They are indeed their own worst enemies!

    I also expect the Clinton machine to 'help' Obama too. They sure as hell don't want Obama to win...just look at Bill Clinton's recent remarks about Obama refusing the proposed town hall debates with McCain.

    You put it very well "They just can't help themselves." That could well be Joe Biden's epitaph.

    As for the relentless salvos launched by the left: it's very easy to forget the news cycle of last week as they lurch from one hysteria to the next. They're obviously trying to keep McCain on the defensive and I don't think it will work.

    I'm all the time reminding my friends that they have to pay attention if they're truly concerned about current events. If one is not aware of what happens and how it happens then they will be at the mercy of the media's ability to tell the truth later!

    Did you watch the debate tonight? If so, any thoughts? I know they can be pretty boring but I thought McCain did well overall. Obama may well benefit from low expectations. I also think that McCain may benefit from the expectations that he would get angry...even though I wish he would! Too bad he missed an opportunity to point out Obama's big fundraiser/bundler Jodie Evans of Code Pink who just hosted a big dinner party for Ahmadinejad.