Thursday, September 25, 2008

There They Are: Throw Them In Jail!!!

Jimmy Carter: set the bad economics ball rolling.

Bill Clinton: threatened folks into doing it big time.

Barney Frank: blocked legislation to stop the bleeding.

Chris Dodd: also blocked legislation to stop the bleeding.

Why are these people calling the shots of the bailout? Why are they a part of this process? They caused it! Stop the lying - this isn't about Wall Street, it's about Washington! Is this so hard to figure out?

Throw the bums in jail: that's what they'd do if it was you!


  1. Fucking unbelievable!

    Look back through the comments. How many times did I express concern about the US economy?! You told me not to worry. I said that Bush couldn't go on spending the way he has or it would bankrupt the economy. You said the US economy was fine. Don't worry about the US economy, making money that's what we do. I still see people driving round in fancy cars. Don't worry, get some sleep.

    Now even Bush is saying the US economy is not fine. Bit late to practice the financial restraint that everyone was telling him to do though, isn't it?

    Since the records show that it is Democrat administrations that deliver budget surpluses and GOP ones that deliver deficits, I wonder what the fuck you are talking about here. Apart from changing your tune about their being a need to worry about the economy, you are busy blaming the wrong guys.

    Or maybe you want to tell me that it's loaning money to poor people to buy houses that's caused all the problems; that spending money like a flotilla of drunken sailors has nothing to do with. Whatever you reckon.

  2. See, Berko, you don't get it:

    All those guys are Democrats. Bush tried to stop this in 2003 and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd blocked him.

    Giving loans to people, poor or otherwise, who can't pay them back is what got us into this. It has nothing to do with the war, it's about bad policies - bad Democratic policies.

    They need to go to jail.

  3. Oh - I forgot - McCain tried to stop this in 2005, too. The Democratic congress blocked it, then, too.

    You wear blinders. That's why you (sometimes) get on my nerves. You'll blame Bush for anything. This wasn't his doing. It was the Democrats and their socialist bullshit. The exact kind of shit you support.

    Fortunately, the Republicans aren't buying it. They're not going along with the new Democratic "fix" that they're insisting we "have to" go for:

    I say put 'em in jail.

  4. There - I added a video just for you:

    Now stop it with your nonsense.

  5. After months of obsessing about crystals and yoga and scoffing at economic issues, now TMR has instantly and overnight become an expert on the liquidity crisis?

    LOL. There's a term for this:

    Historical revisionism is the attempt to change commonly held ideas about the past. In its legitimate form (see historical revisionism) it is the reexamination of historical facts, with an eye towards updating historical narratives with newly discovered, more accurate, or less biased information, acknowledging that history of an event, as it has been traditionally told, may not be entirely accurate.

    "Historical revisionism" (also but less often in English "negationism"), as used in this article, describes the process that attempts to rewrite history by minimizing, denying or simply ignoring essential facts. Perpetrators of such attempts to distort the historical record often use the term because it allows them to cloak their illegitimate activities with a phrase which has a legitimate meaning. Illegitimate historical revisionists rely on a number of Illegitimate techniques to advance their views such as presenting as genuine documents which they know to be forged, inventing ingenious but implausible reasons for distrusting genuine documents, attribute their own conclusions to books and other sources that say the opposite, manipulating statistical series to support their views, and deliberately mistranslate foreign languages sources to support their views.

    Nice try though.

  6. Yea, like all your yapping disproves what I'm saying - whether on economics or NewAge - or like I haven't been on Democrats like white on rice.

    Keep yappin', Boyo:

    I do better analysis in my sleep than you do on your best day.