Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On The Outside Looking In

We rarely get a chance to see another country's editorial about the USA. Read this excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper. The article was written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title 'C'ntarea Americii (meaning 'Ode To America') in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentulzilei ('The Daily Event' or 'News of the Day'):

~An Ode to America~

Why are Americans so united? They would not resemble one another even if you painted them all one color! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs.

On 9/ll, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart.

Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the Army, or the Secret Service that they are only a bunch of losers.

Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts.

Nobody rushed out onto the streets nearby to gape about.

Instead the Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand.

After the first moments of panic, they raised their flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a government official or the president was passing. On every occasion, they started singing: 'God Bless America!'

I watched the live broadcast and rerun after rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from h itting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people.

How on earth were they able to respond united as one human being? Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put into collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no money can buy.

What on earth can unite the Americans in such way? Their land? Their history? Their economic Power? Money? I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace, I thought things over, I reached but only one conclusion... Only freedom can work such miracles.

Cornel Nistorescu

(This deserves to be passed around the internet forever.) It took a person on the outside - looking in - to see what we take for granted! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

-- Mike Rego

Yep, Mike: I "got it" while I was overseas in France, thinking real hard about home, and knew I'd never let it go. And, even though the Leftists are a constant disappointment, it still burns just as brightly as that first day; my flame that never needs renewing: that personal sense of freedom, and an in-born knowledge of our goodness, and liberty, those frogs (and others outside) will barely ever begin to comprehend: what exactly it means to be an American!

Big hug to Bill Chase for sending this to me: I'm not a big fan of these kinds of pass-it-around-the-internet things, but (who am I kidding?) it's still a great way to start my day. Thanks a lot, man.

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