Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's NewAge Narcissism? That's Mine!

"Within the minds of Barack and Michelle Obama resides the grandiose, even megalomaniacal notion that they have the power to make the world as-it-is into the world-as-it-should be. Second, the Obamas look to talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, as their "global role model" to effect this change. Third, as the Obamas' model for change, Oprah relentlessly promotes the grandiose New Age religion of her guru, Eckhart Tolle."
-- Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., saying nothing new to me, but maybe it is to the American Thinker.

It hurts to think I can write about this very subject as much as I have - practically dedicate this blog to it - and have to struggle to get it noticed, but Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. writes one piece and gets on the front page of the American Thinker. Mind you, I'm not dissing Mr. Johnson but the elitism that makes this information, coming out of his mouth, worth more than when it comes out of mine.

Click on the tags for Oprah, Obama, Michelle, or any number of the other characters out there, and there's more than enough information to make the case that this is a real phenomena and no matter which aspect you approach it from - but especially as a form of cultism - I was there first, and saying it the loudest, but, apparently, I'm not of the right social class (or don't have enough class) to make the work I've done matter. I don't know.

I do know it sucks.

UPDATE - 9/28/08, 9:41PM:

I was at work when I wrote to the American Thinker, so I didn't have time to add links, etc., to my comment. I've since added some here.

You have to dig deep into this site to grasp the ground I've personally covered, and I hope you do: the stakes are too high now for it all to be for nothing. Mr. Johnson was only scratching the surface. (For instance, before me, there was Ted Patrick.) Go back to the beginning of the blog and work your way forward, by month and year (sorry but it's the only way) and I'll continue to fill in the blanks as I continue on, trying to keep the perspective of new AT visitors in mind.

NewAge is a moving target, working on many levels and in a variety of fields. I'm happy to discuss this, and related topics, with anyone and everyone at any time. It's been my life for three years now, and I know it pretty darn well.

Donations are gladly accepted - and badly needed.



Anyone that can put me in touch with Mr. Johnson (I will be making attempts to contact him myself) would be doing us all a big favor.


  1. Crack,

    You reach many people he would never reach, precisely because of your lack of status in academic circles.

    It is likely he talked to somebody who talked to somebody who read your blog, if he didn't read it himself.

    Consider sending him an email. If he goes around and lectures on this stuff, he might source you. You have a treasure trove of information on the subject.

    As a therapist, I know this about people, if he thinks this stuff originates with him, he'll be a much better soldier than if he think it was someone else's idea.

  2. I am so glad to know you have seen through what is happening with Oprah and Obama.

    I did not know about your site--but will check in from time to time from now on.

    I must admit-since I stopped watching Oprah-I did not even know about her "new religion". It seems to be quite a mixture -- when you begin to think you know more than God--you have a problem.
    Since Obama's "Christianity" was taught to him by Rev. Wright I have known there was something wrong with his stated beliefs. From what I have heard - Rev. Wright teaches hate much like Farrakhan.

  3. From Johnson's website (all I had to do was folow the link at the bottom of Johnson's American Thinker article):

    "Oprah's Guru, Oprah, and the Fall of Obama - A Timely Essay

    You can read this essay on the new blog, or listen to the podcast.

    Also see all the chapters from the book Sowing Atheism: The National Academy Of Sciences' Sinister Scheme To Teach Our Children They're Descended From Reptiles

    Sounds like impressive stuff - I can definitely see why you're concerned he might get credit for your ideas...!

  4. Yea, I see what you're saying. So, considering the country wants to elect a "messiah" for president, that leaves me with a tough choice:

    Do I side with the up-front nutcase who wants "The One" stopped, or the anonymous shit-talker sneering at me? What to do, what to do?

    I'll take the nutcase, thank you very much.

    Why? Because he's braver than you.

  5. "Sneering"?

    On the contrary, I fully support Johnson's efforts.

    American children absolutely need to be protected from the Godless doctrine of evolution, and diligently instructed in the truth of Biblical creation, if the United States ever hopes to produce the next generation of engineers and scientists who will allow us to compete economically and technologically on the global stage in the 21st century!

  6. Ha-ha, very funny.

    I'll still take him over NewAgers. Or cowardly anonymous posters, for that matter.

    Johnson's still got more credibility than you because he puts his name to his ideas, whatever they may be.

    He wrote me today, BTW, and he sounds like a nicer guy than you, too.