Sunday, September 28, 2008

You're Laughing At Yourselves

What passes for humor in Democratic circles is pretty lame: Sarah Palin is stupid, John McCain is old, etc.. I watched this last night and didn't laugh once, while listening to the liberals - howling - just because Tina Fey showed up.

Like the audiences for David Letterman and Bill Maher (Bush is stupid) or even The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (the Republicans are stupid) it's just too simpleminded to be truly humorous. Just preaching to the choir - without any music - drawing in nobody but the true believers. Comedians should be able to do better.

Now this was good:

Now, that isn't funny because I don't like Bill Clinton (and I don't) but because, on various levels, it effortlessly nails him - as exactly the kind of dishonest, smarmy, disloyal, creep Democrats associate with and defend - which really isn't funny at all, but it got me laughing anyway, what can I say? The ugliness Democrats openly support - while imagining nobody else can see it - cracks me up.

Plus, as hilarious as it may sound, I'll take old and stupid over dishonest and smarmy any day.

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