Sunday, October 19, 2008


UPDATE: I didn't have a chance to get my thoughts down about this when I posted it (I was getting ready for work) but you can be sure, I am writing. For now, I'll just say I don't buy a word of Powell's lame excuses for this latest betrayal. For Colin Powell, this is about race and nothing more.

Considering the contradictions littered amongst his reasons in the press (I can't watch the actual broadcast at work) and being familiar with his history, both as a towering military figure and an extremely whiney politician, race is the only reason this can make any sense. If you can call it that.

And, like all racially motivated thinking, that's a mighty big "if".

Stay tuned,...

"Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race. OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with.

I was also unaware of his dislike for John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia. I guess he also regrets Reagan and Bush making him a four-star [general] and secretary of state and appointing his son to head the FCC. Yes, let's hear it for transformational figures."

Rush Limbaugh, who can also see through this race-based sham, and mentioned it to

The Republicans were going to make Colin Powell president once - whew! - dodged that bullet! (Ha-ha!) Actually the only people on the conservative side who were afraid of the assassination of our potential black candidate were Colin and Alma Powell. That says a lot. It says, like Barack "guns and religion" Obama, there's a certain mindset that certain blacks hold, where they can't get over themselves, or the past, and they're going to hold the country hostage to their vision of that past, no matter what obvious changes have occurred. They've simply refuse to change with it. I mean, neither Colin Powell, or Barack Obama, will ever be confused with Martin Luther King, so what are they afraid of?

Let's be clear: Colin Powell, and Barack Obama, aren't "Americans", or even "black Americans", but "African-Americans". They're both a silly hyphenated formulation Jesse Jackson came up with, oh, so many years ago in an effort to make as much of a claim to this soil as he could muster. You either bought it or you didn't - I didn't - but most blacks did, and whites have gone along out of politeness. But it's a half-assed Americaness, at best; one of those sorry hugs you give to someone when you're forced to by circumstance, without the necessary bigness of heart one needs to make it real. (Or like trying to offend someone by calling them "the 'n' word" instead of "nigger".) And just as Colin Powell couldn't endorse Obama without taking a swipe at the Republican Party for imagined racial animosity, Barack can't get us to be "One America" with Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pleger, and Louis Farrakhan standing behind him. It just don't work like that, folks.

And that's one of the funniest things about Powell's endorsement of Obama: didn't he notice all those race-baiters Obama's hooked-up with? Of course not - this isn't about race - that's probably why he didn't mention any of the boogie men as he spoke of Obama's wonderful "judgement". Considering Wright and Pleger's over-the-top performances during the primaries, Barack Obama - or even the late Sam Kinison - could appear to have a better "temperament", too.

CP never mentioned Bill Ayers either, except to dismiss him, because Powell was "troubled" by his ever being mentioned in the first place. Imagine that. The potential President of the United States works hand-in-hand with a communist murderer and his friends, for decades, and it's those who bring it up that are put on trial. The fact the Barack lied about Ayers, repeatedly - especially in the last debate where he denied the easily provable fact of starting his political career in Ayers's home - is never mentioned as "troubling" by Powell or anyone else. And that's the most troubling thing about this whole charade: the cultism.

I know, I know: I'm supposed to be writing about Colin Powell and race. But multiculturalism is as NewAge as crystal gazing, so fuck the bullshit, I'm going there: "there" being the fact there are so many topics surrounding Barack Obama that have been deemed off-limits to polite (or hostile) conversation it's crazy. Everytime somebody white tries to discuss some unpleasantness or another, Obama screams "racism" (there - you happy?). Mention Obama has done things that hurt blacks, and even black people scowl at you. He's the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of black culture.

So let's see: On one side we've got John McCain and the Keating Five Scandal, in which he was exonerated - with even the Democratic lead investigator saying "John McCain is an honest man." On the other side, we've got Barack Obama with a cavalcade of sins that are now so long, and so weird, I hesitate to start listing them for fear my fingers will be stubbed out by the time I finish - if I ever do finish. That's how long it is, and, considering I discover a new lie daily, that list is probably getting longer by the minute. And still, two weeks from election day, people insist he's a viable candidate. People, if this isn't a political cult, then I don't know what is. Either that or I'm trapped on Zombie Island.

Please don't eat my brain.


  1. So. The man finally got his integrity back. Good for you, Mr. Powell!

  2. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell told reporters after his appearance on Sunday's "Meet the Press" that his decision to endorse Barack Obama was driven, in part, by comments like those made by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). Bachmann said Friday that the media should investigate members of Congress to see if they were "pro-American" or 'anti-American."

    "This business, for example, we've got a congressman from Minnesota who's going around saying, 'Let's examine all congressmen to see who is pro-America and whose not pro-America.' We've got to stop this kind of nonsense and pull ourselves together and remember that our great strength is in our unity and our diversity," Powell said.

  3. Anon, 12:11:

    You'll have enlighten me to what Bachmann's comments have to do with the election. Sounds to me like the man just wants to punish the Republican Party - or come up with any excuse to explain his endorsement.

    And, considering we ARE talking about a candidate with what we now know is a long, hidden, history of working for terrorists, it's not altogether a weird idea. I mean, there is such a thing as taking buzzwords, like "unity" and "diversity" too far. I'm not united with murderers and don't think I should have to accept them in the name of diversity. Do you?

    Speaking plainly - with no buzzwords - Colin Powell is lying. I'm sure of it. He's voting for the black guy, and throwing out crap about individual statements from congressmen is just as bad a cover as that crap about accusing McCain of racism because somebody McCain didn't know - and who isn't a part of his campaign - may have yelled something Obama didn't like, while amongst a crowd of thousands.

    This is madness.

  4. "And, considering we ARE talking about a candidate with what we now know is a long, hidden, history of working for terrorists,..."

    Proven false, repeatedly. Just not to Hannity's (or your) satisfaction.

    Powell has no need to "punish" Republicans for anything but their having abandoned the principles our party is built on. Their punishment will come November 4, and not just in the White House.

  5. "Proven false, repeatedly."

    Really? Prove it, TC. Show me the "proof" you've got that clears Barack - anything. I ain't Sean Hannity with no my-way-or-the-highway beef. Prove me wrong. I know Barack started his political career in Ayers's home - which he denied in the third debate - a clear, easy to verify, lie. He lied and said the woman he succeeded politically (named Patterson) set it up the party at Ayers's home - she denied it - so that's another, easy to verify, lie.

    Barack said Ayers was just a guy from the neighborhood, then we find out he served on two boards under Ayers. Another, easy to verify, lie.

    Barack once said he met Ayers as they were picking up their kids from the same school (something we were supposed to believe even though Ayers was setting bombs when Barack was 8 years old) instead, Michelle met Bernardine Dohrn when Michelle and Barack were both working for the same law firm all the way back in 1987 - another, easy to verify, lie. Michelle also set up speaking engagements for Ayers and Bernardine and Ayers set up speaking engagements for Barack.

    That's just off the top of my head. What you got to disprove anything, or are you just a tool?

  6. You choose only to believe articles that give descriptions of events that support the opinions in your own closed mind. We have seen how you respond to people who offer you facts you don't want to hear, so give me one reason why I should waste my time doing research for you. People who care more about truth than they do about making someone else bad will look at all sides. Your just obsessed is all. That is obvious.

  7. Fuck that, you're a pussy.

    If anything you just wrote was true then 1) you wouldn't bother reading me, and 2) you wouldn't bother commenting.

    Face it: you got nothin'. You're a typical liberal who merely wants his way. You should give a read to the section, on the right, that says "About This Blog". I know your kind and what you're up to - and you have no effect on me. I've seen your kind for too long. You're just another liberal who can't stand anyone who won't accept your weak-assed version of things. Well, I'm not one of you - I don't stop.

    And if you think you're just going to be handed an election, you're a fool.

  8. What has caused me to despair about the Right over the past decade is this slowly growing, creepy Stalinesque fixation with “loyalty”. Not loyalty to a broad idea, but personal loyalty- such as Palin firing officials in Wasilla for not being loyal to HER; Bush DOJ officials cherry picking attorneys for their loyalty to the GOP; Bush selecting department heads based on party loyalty rather than competence.

    This all gives the whole affair a sad, eerie sheen of late Soviet governance; talking points replacing thought, loyalty replacing committment to principle, and a fear and loathing of open debate and dialogue.

    At this point, the disintegration and rebuilding of the Right seems like the best thing for America in the long run.