Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Is Why Violence Has It's Place In The World

A stupid little bully in Australia picks on a bigger kid who doesn't want any trouble - until the bigger kid can take it no more and decides to apply The Macho Response. The larger victim, a kid named Casey Heynes, has been suspended (?) and might even face criminal charges, but is getting a lot of support online as (I love it) "Casey The Punisher".

The bully isn't in trouble at all - does that make any sense? He should be getting slammed in more ways than this.

According to what I've read, Casey's been picked on every day he was in school and, if that's true, I think his suspension is just rubbing salt in the wound:

No one should be punished for fighting back.

UPDATE: See what happened next!


  1. Amen, O Crackster. The big kid reminds me of myself in seventh grade, where I was bullied constantly until the day I stabbed one of my tormentors in the face with a pencil. Funny how *just one big counterattack* can get the idiots to leave you alone, eh?

  2. interesting post!

    I see the American people as the larger kid and leftists as the smaller, skinny bully...

    mainstream Americans tired of being bullied by leftists and ready for some body slamming to occur - figuratively of course

    cheers from a Chicago girl, gone Galt, living in semi-socialist but awesome-weather Auckland...

  3. Good for the big kid. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the big kid did that little bully a favour. He showed him at an early age that there are consequences to your actions and that may help the little bugger to be a better and successful person. That bully was especially irritating when he saw that his victim wasn't fighting back he started showboating. Well, the boat sank.

  4. Lisa G in NZ,

    Cheers - Gone Galt, eh? Though I've traveled a lot, I don't know too much about that part of the world, except for what I've learned through music (I've been a huge Split Enz fan since my military days).

    Beyond the weather, is it nice? And how bad is the semi-socialism? I've got a major dislike for socialism since my days in France,..

  5. "Gone Galt" refers to John Galt in "Atlas Shrugged".

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