Friday, August 24, 2012

No, Let's Talk About Romney Making "Birther" Jokes,...

I think the only time I do any serious apologizing is when I speak to the readers of this blog, because - though I'd like to post something - a lot of what's out there to comment on is so muddled, or weak, it hardly seems worth wasting your time:

Hell, except for the Empire State shooting, I didn't even want to read it myself. 

But I do want to post something, if only to keep some of you around for when I have a point to make, so - in celebration of what these others would call "a slow news day" - here's a bit of reality you'll find at few other outlets, that hopefully reveals the difference between the mainstream narratives (and even the mainstream blogs' narratives) and the ACTUAL country you live in, at the ground-floor level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, America:

When showing you what's up, between TMR and the rest, we're as different as night and day,...


  1. I know this probably sounds silly, but when you link to videos, could you PLEASE find mp4 files, so those of us poor fools using iPads can watch them? (If the video you're linking is on YouTube, send us there: We have a native YouTube viewing app.)

    And I also know I probably shouldn't say this, but I rarely visit your site unless you've made some pertinent (or just clever) comment on Ann Althouse's website: I'm kinda sorry, but I'm white, and I don't "get" half of the things you get on about: I know you're conservative (mostly), and that means more to me than "big tent", or any of the other Politicrap going on out there, but a lot of times I just don't understand where you're coming from, because I haven't "come from" the same place.…

  2. Considering the video, I'm rather drawing the conclusion that America has always had an undercurrent of shit (maybe the percentage of people who faced up to it being there was higher than now though).
    That video could have come from my neck of the backwoods, just change the clothes (barely), change the music (somewhat), and the background scenery (a lot), maybe make the ride a beater pickup.
    Could have been from my dad's old neighborhood back in the day as well if you allow for the difference between '20s and 2010s differences -- but the same mindset held...just maybe more people back then were honest enough to acknowledge it (maybe).