Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simply Because It's Worth It (Hitch Gives The Finger)

With the coming release of his last book, there seems to be a one-year-after-his-death anniversary celebration of Christopher Hitchens' life going on, which is cool because OUR lives seem strangely diminished without him - and it's sparked an interest in seeing the old boy again, in all his glory. This was a particularly satisfying occasion:

Someone - finally - telling Bill Maher's (and, by extension, The Daily Show's) trained seals what we thought of their wartime obsequience.

Even he seemed to be enjoying it.

Hitchens is - and will be - missed,...

  ADDED: I forgot I had this debate with Dinesh D'Souza laying around. D'Souza's not quite up to Hitch's level (Who is? Plus he's arguing FOR God,...) but it is a good show, and the kind of discourse I wish we could see more of. Mitt Romney wouldn't stand a chance facing something like this,...)

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