Friday, August 31, 2012

We Are The Robots (Synth Britannia)

I fell asleep watching this doc a few nights ago (not because it's bad but because I was tired) and, once I awoke, found it to be quite informative for anyone who wanted to know how some of the biggest electronic Brit Pop bands of the '80s got started. (You might remember I posted two, about Kraftwerk and the early days of German "concrete music," a while back - it's a thing for me right now.)

If you can find the time, you ought to check it out, too - if only to see the guy from Depeche Mode do his funny dance once more,…

ADDED: This is a photo of Toto's Steve Porcaro, who I went to school with, in front of a Polyfusion Modular Synth, one of the biggest ever made. Hard to comprehend how they can put all of THAT into a box the size of a toaster now, but they do. I, of course, was limited to one of these:

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