Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Christie (Not Exactly Throwing His Weight Around)

This is funny. Right after Ann Romney - someone I don't trust - gave a speech about "Love," up jumps Chris Christie - someone I do trust - saying, "Tonight, we're going to choose 'Respect' over 'Love.'" Man, he didn't waste any time queering that deal, did he? (ADDED: Now I half-expect Mitt to emerge tomorrow night saying, "Screw 'Respect' - this is Joseph Smith's party now!")

Christie also emphasized a word I have a healthy respect for - one which even a lot of conservatives have little - and that word is "No."

I am finding conservatives hate "no." Like liberals, they don't want to hear what they don't want to hear, and if you're not agreeing with them, then too bad. And they act just as childish. Witness their response to Todd Aiken, the candidate who said no, he wasn't going to quit his race for saying something stupidly. The conservatives have come back with fine, we're not going to give you the money needed to win your race, even though we need you to win, to win the Senate. That's called biting your nose to spite your face. 

Back to Christie - I didn't like the speech. I prefer Christie off-the-cuff rather than scripted, and calling his father merely a passenger "in the automobile of life" must have stung the old man, considering he was the one who put gas in the car. Mostly what I heard is "War On Women" pandering, which I was a little taken back to hear from Christie, especially delivered with so little of the charisma I'm used to seeing from him. Even delivering lines like, "Our ideas are right for America and their ideas have failed America!" he just seemed to be phoning it in. This was One. Very. Long. Yawner.

Maybe it's because I've already been excluded from this election, but as I watched Christie's speech, it - and even he - seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, drifting further and further away. It's all becoming unreal now, just like in 2008, when I knew we were making a terrible mistake, but there was nothing to be done. There's nothing to be done again.

Now, instead of a good and bad choice, it's between "Dumb and Dumber," a movie I've seen waaay too many times before. Sorry, but even the big man can't convince me to watch it again:

I'm gone. 

 And oh, and oh yeah - Fuck. Mia. Love,…

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  1. Mia Love: black, female, Mormon; the only thing else she needs to be is handicapped (Mia better watch out). Makes me wonder, since the pander bear is everywhere at the conventions, if they have Bill the Cat as the mystery speaker (cue spooky, paranormalish music). After all he's been all of us (any readers of Bloom County should get that).

    I didn't watch it, and Christie in spite of all his plusses, is a great big panderer. I'll give him credit for one thing though: he's got some street smarts. From the sounds of it he realizes Mitt's ship has sailed (and is heading for the iceberg fields). Crappy thing to throw his daddy under the bus like that -- does it seem like a lot of politicians anymore seem to have a beef with their daddies? Maybe there's something to that...

    These rule changes are a much more interesting story for me -- I like to call it: when some of the little sheep startle in their sleep, or, when rival cults of personality collide.

    Oh well. PW