Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stalin Killed Them - They Loved Him (What's Changed?)

I started watching a documentary on the Russian Revolution last night - don't ask why, I just did - and that led to the one above on Stalin, today. (O.K., I'm attempting to stop doing something I shouldn't - which has driven me to eating this crazy-sweet, multi-colored kid's candy - which has made me hyper with "big thoughts," fueling a need to know everything - so sue me,...)

Anyway, I'm watching this thing, and it occurred to me that people - not just Russian people but all people - have been pretty much the same throughout history:

They get told things from the top, and "believe" them, and only decades later does the truth come out - which they could've investigated for themselves - or realized by refusing to "believe" things in the first place because, you know, there was mass murder, or something, going on all around them.

It woulda got my attention.

On the Left, they "believe" we have to re-elect Mr. Spend-It-All (AKA Mr. Spend-What-We-Don't-Have) or else we - that would be, specifically, black people - are going to end up "back in chains."

On the Right, it's "believed" two men with a weakness for cults are somehow going to set us free. 

And no matter which way I look - like a scary child attempting to cross a busy intersection - their "followers" seem to be in love (or falling in love) with them, completely oblivious to the dangers.

And that's the way they are because that's the way they want to be.

It explains religion anyway.

It's taking me a while - I've spread it over several nights because it's so achingly liberal - but I've also been watching "Selling God" (trailer above) which is really unfortunate for whoever left a flyer on my doorstep asking:

"Do you know that if you died today, you would go to Heaven? 
If you could know for sure, would you do what the Bible says?"

Of course, getting to Heaven would depend on me doing whatever the fine folks with the flyers say, and - since I'm already hyped-up on glow-in-the-dark sweets and Russian dictators - that would never sit with me. Plus, putting a probe on Mars has blown the "Heaven" concept, probably forever more.

Shit, speaking of my aversion to liberals, here's a troubling question:

Why is Jon Stewart more likable, now that the Republicans have ensured I can't vote? I'm seeing his clips and they no longer hold the revulsion they used to, and I think it's because - in a climate where everyone's determined not to tell the truth - listening to a fake newscaster is all that remains for me.

(There's something very Soviet Union-y about this whole set-up.)

That's what I'm thinking anyway,...


  1. I hardly think Mitt Romney is going to be some great savior of us. If things are truly fundamentally fucked, it really does not matter if Obama or Romney win. We are going down either way.

    But since I believe Obamacare will be the final entitlement straw that will in the long run bankrupt the Republic, my only chance of reversing that is to get a GOP President, Senate and House to reverse it. And if they just do that, it is a success.

    And I am not kidding myself. The difference between Obama and Romney is really not that much. But there is a difference and Romney and Ryan are still a better choice than Obama and Biden.

    Or we could go four more years of the same and see how it turns out.

  2. From the noises Romney and Ryan have been making they aren't getting rid of Obamacare -- merely renaming it and possibly having the states (which are also broke) take on the burden.
    Exchanges? that was the word used -- sounds kinda...Orwellian. You honestly think that a political campaign that uses words like that is going to be even fractionally better?

    No, probably it won't matter which one is in office, although I'm still hoping that a Republican Congress would be more sensible (perhaps a false hope) than a Democrat one (which I know won't be) -- which leads to the big question: with which clown troupe would a R Congress most likely run opposition?

    And yeah, we put ourselves here (where a comedy show host is making more sense, doing more journalism than the media, and I'm including most of the political internet pundits in this; they're as much big media as FOX and CNN now) -- just like in Stalinist Russia and other places. Because there's a certain feeling of security in turning over all authority to a Daddy figure of some type (be in state, church, or guru); people like being like onto children, in what was likely the wrong way to take that phrase. Oh well.

  3. Anonymous, that is not true. The vote will originate in the House to repeal Obamacare. If the GOP holds the Senate and WH too, then it will happen. Mitt Romney's roll will be picking up a pen and signing the bill that occurs.

    That said, will Mitt Romney be capable of other big government doubt (including health care "reforms"). But not like Barack Obama. We can't trust any of them and we will have to deal with that when it comes.

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