Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ralphie May: "Not Politically Correct (Just Correct)"

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  1. That's hilarious, but dated. You can't make fun of fat people anymore either.

    And he forgot two groups: hillbillies and guidos. Those folks are still open season (and provide plenty of material). Just look at Jersey Shore and Hillbilly Handfishin' -- you can't tell me people don't watch that for anything other than the comedy (at least, not anybody who isn't a guido or a hillbilly -- they might watch it for tips).

    As a member of both groups -yeah, Italian AND a hillbilly, it doesn't get much better (although I don't do polyester jogging suits, huge gold crucifixes, and I refrain from noodlin' catfish, because I like to use a fishing pole and my family doesn't much care for catfish) -- I have to admit I think they might be on to something. They're gonna get made fun of anyway, so they might as well make some big, fat stash on their own objectification. I mean, those hillbillies are making bank at $100 a head, charging city/suburb folks to go wade out into a muddy, snake infested creek in hopes that a big ol channel cat will bite one of their appendages -- and however much the network is paying them to televise it to other city/suburb folks to watch. Heck, that'll keep them in Schlitz and Pall Malls for life. And same with the guidos (except not so much) -- getting paid pretty good bank, enough to keep them in hair product and wife beaters for life, to get suburbia to watch them fist bumping at some lame, trifling club (and on top of it, stupid well off kids then idolize their stupid, dago asses). Who are the real suckers here? It's like a strange, bizarre triumph of the capitalistic American dream. So in a sense, hats off to those backward ass sob's really.

    I'd do standup myself just about that, but I'm not funny. So, one of these funny folks most definitely should take up the subjects, because it's freaking funny.