Sunday, August 12, 2012

God, Please Don't Let Me Be Found Out Before A Win

This one is just too ironic to pass up: 

Romney Campaign Requested 'Several' Years of Tax Returns of VP Contenders 

 Put that with articles about how good Romney is with secrecy and it's a Facepalmalooza!


  1. Just perhaps there is no problem with Romney's taxes, and he is waiting to release them at a point that will have a positive impact.

  2. Not a chance. He's up to his ears in his cult, despite your wishful thinking. If you're familiar with his "church," then you know even his "successes" (like the bribery and doping scandal-plagued Olympics) are a subject he'd rather not bring up, in any detail, at all.

    Nope - it's now a race against time:

    And reality,...

  3. Let's suppose there really is nothing there: then just be done with it; release the blasted things and be done with the drama llama of it all. Why keep it a point of conjecture, other than it takes more of the (non)news cycle off more pertinent things.
    This isn't the sort of behavior I look for in the potential titular leader of my country. Rather reminiscent of somebody else and his refusal to release rather mundane information about himself.

    Yay, we get somebody like that again no matter what.