Thursday, August 30, 2012

He Speaks - And Then Pauses - And Then He Speaks,...

I'm only posting these last three minutes of Paul Ryan's speech last night because, sadly, this was the best part. The best because it was almost over, but also because it was the only segment where he didn't pause unwarranted for mechanical applause, didn't deliver his lines as though he thought they were smarter than they actually were, and I didn't have to hear him constantly clearing his throat into the microphone. I don't know if the Democrats are going to do any better, speech-wise, but if not - after Chris Christie's lackluster performance the night before - we might have to say oratory is definitely becoming a lost art in this country.

Don't get me wrong - I didn't disagree with any of the sentiments Ryan advocated - but when I had to whince every time he said, "Mitt Romney and me," because, not only do I dislike the head of the ticket with a passion, but it's bad english, well, let's just say Glenn Reynolds (or the Democrats) should be hawking t-shirts that say "Apparently math ain't the ONLY thing that's hard!"

Susana Martinez saying, "Damn, I guess we ARE Republicans!" was funny - during that one line - and Condi did o-kay, which is weird (I know so-called "people of color" aren't the only ones capable of talking with style and vigor <--Yeah, I'm a Kennedy now) but the night for the most part was a bust, which I know people are going to claim is a result of my deep animosity for Romney, rather my long emersion in a culture that loves verbal dexterity, as well as the conservative's own election year blinders. Like Obama - who they seem to want to emulate in every way this year - they can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

Well, actually the Right *might* be able to: 

If I remember correctly, there's a certain "pig wearing lipstick" out there known for knocking 'em dead,...

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  1. You weren't the only one to notice this -- at least the pauses, if not the bad grammar (which is a telling thing; many on the right seem to think you get a pass for doing well in math and science and can act like a troglodyte with everything else)-- some right leaning pundits noticed that the speakers seem to have been coached to the point of zero personality.
    Thanks Mitt.


    Of course I find this highly amusing, as one of the accusations leveled against that pig in lipstick was that she was a poor speaker (granted, that accent needed some softening, but she was a very effective speaker).