Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hard Hat

This rant was inspired by a good night's sleep, and waking to P.J. O'Rourke's "Of Thee I Sigh: Baby Boomers Bust," the only thing currently printed online  worth reading besides TMR (it even includes the word "machismo"),…

According to my Facebook profile, I'm doing about as well as their stock price - my "outreach" is -80%, whatever that, and "outreach," means.

What they don't know is, even worse, I'm proud of it.

Like my disdain for Glenn Reynolds' little Pied Piper To Nowhere routine, I see no point in chattering incessantly with a bunch of folks with no higher ambition than to post a list of practical sounding NewAge cliche's ("gratitude," "keep a journal," "exude joy" - what are we? A nation of 12 year old girls?) declaring that's the way to get ahead, be happy, and make a great cheese casserole.

The same goes for Twitter. My one and only excursion in that cult of backslapping, right after Andrew Breitbart's death, was a disaster - my account was frozen in a matter of hours - like I was an angry drunk crashing a political wine-and-cheese party.

I even insulted Rush Limbaugh's brother - and was proud of that, too - and I know why:

I'm That Guy.

I'm the intersection between the sorry fucking Boomers and whatever comes next, and those bastards have decided that, if I won't salute one, I'll have no access to the other. They send their little ones out into the woods to see "nature" instead.

No, it's never lost on me that the Boomers don't want me talking to their kids, because, if I did, those brats would get all kinds of crazy ideas, like abandoning NewAge "spirituality" and religion, thinking about fulfilling some of the promises made to us, actually listening to good music, and telling the Boomer's rapidly growing, yet small-minded, clusters of cowardly groupthinkers to FUCK OFF!

"The Crack Emcee is a fascist!" they cry, and you know what? They're Goddamned right.

I am Adolf Hitler - for the other side.

I don't give a damn about Prince Harry stupidly dropping his drawers in Vegas, or whatever dumb thing Todd Aiken said, or if Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend. As a matter of fact, if you were to set Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on fire, I'd piss on them but not to put it out. And I'd make sure to get some dribble on their wives - especially that evil black, lantern-jawed foodie health nut, and the quackery-obsessed blonde Mormon loonie with MS dreaming to replace her. Fuck 'em ALL.

And fuck the rest of you, too.

You want to fight about it? I'm sure. Because one guy talking back - against the entire fucking world - are about the odds you need to feel brave.

If I get three commenters on my blog, that's a major discussion. Ann Althouse get's hundreds and every day there's a bunch of them focussed on me, yelling "Kick him off!" because passionately arguing about whatever "intellectual heavyweight" Paul Krugman said about Niall Ferguson's Newsweek article doesn't need anybody around to interrupt.

If one of those circus freaks wants to appear really, really smart, they'll mention the economy - like mentioning it is the same as doing something about it. They think they're brilliant because they've figured out that - if they put Paul Ryan in office - the economy will improve. Let me school you, Einstein: If you replaced Barack Obama with a can of Silly Putty our finances will get better, so sit down, shut up, and quit waving that copy of Atlas Shrugs around, unless you plan on handing it to Mitt Romney so he can fan me with it.

I am about as sick of this world as a man - or a REAL MAN™ - can get.

I'd call you a nation of losers, but it's not just America - it's the entire fucking Western world.

That's the reason why Putin, Al Qaeda, North Korea, Iran, and all the rest of those Eastern crazies are constantly making so much noise and trouble now - they know a bunch of confused pussies when they see one. They hear all your "We are One" bullshit and have, rightly, decided to bury you under a pile of their Number Two. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, because you lames have declared "you can't judge" and "anybody can believe what they want to believe" so often, even Oprah can rip you off with "The Secret" and the best you bastards could do to get your money back is use the positive visualization of "Hope And Change" to put her very own hand-picked candidate in office. Hell, any tinhorn dictator who can see that, and doesn't attack you, better trade himself in for a newer model.

I'ma stop, because - "believe" it or not - I've got better things to do than talking to you, even on a blog. That's how sorry you are. Go read that online font of wisdom, Instapundit. He just posted an article by Jake Tapper about how the media's failing the country (No!?!) and, last night, he ended with Professor Jacobson screaming about how you can "Snap Out Of Your Funk, Damn It!" by watching a brand new shiny black Mormon, jogging.

Heck - considering what you jackoffs want - putting a gun in your mouth works just as well,…


  1. I don't really have anything to say... but I do want to be heard.

  2. It's clearly labeled a "rant" - not a college thesis - and, since I'm ignored or attacked when I do say something, should it really make a difference?

    As Niall Ferguson just wrote (defending his article I mentioned):

    I don’t usually waste time on this kind of thing. In the Internet age, you can spend one week writing a piece and the next three responding to criticism, most of it (as we have seen) worthless.

    Like your comment, John, which brings absolutely NOTHING to the table - yet YOU thought it wise enough to post. Fool.

    You seem to expect me to waste my time constructing an elaborate and carefully designed argument under such circumstances? Please:

    Rather than trying to reason with them, when monkeys throw shit at me, I throw it back,...

  3. I may not always agree, but it is always a pleasure to read your rants.

    I am banned from Althouse for mockery.

  4. Hell, I comment here because I've been banned from just about every place else.

    Anybody remember that video Klavan did on "Shut Up! They Said"? Yeah, I kinda want to play it to both sides now on continuous loop...but I've been banned (and was a p^^^y a$$ chump mofo...because I shoulda just said what I really felt, would have gotten the same results anyway. Oh well.

  5. It is a very good rant of which we do not have enough of.