Monday, August 20, 2012

What Mitt Romney Says "Feels True" (But It's Not,...)

Let's get it over with: 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, George Romney never marched with Martin Luther King, so Mormongoloid never "saw" it happen. Mitt never marched with MLK, either, and his spokesperson is not a "a pro":

I would like to add that Joseph Smith never found any golden plates in upstate New York as well but, unlike these historical fabrications, exposing that one would probably piss some people off,...


  1. Don't forget throwing down with a ninja toad, who kicked Joe's butt and then (if I remember the story, er scripture, right) turned into an angel the next day.
    I'll have to find the link for that -- but that was part of the story Joe originally told, but sort of dropped after a while (seems even though it was the word of God and people could accept golden tablets, Reformed Egyptian, and an angel, they had a hard time believing the bit about the toad).

    Which is interesting (and funny) on so many levels, and perhaps applicable to some of the things Mitt says: like being responsible for every upturn in our economy because he's so good with money and his integrity is golden.

  2. Of course Niall Ferguson makes the argument why Barack Obama should not be re-elected...

    Did Mitt make up the MLK story? Is this our "September" surprise (they have to move them up a month to make up for mail in voting).

    As for Joseph Smith wrestling a toad, upstate New York has always been a strange place.

  3. I personally don't have a problem with the many, valid arguments as to why Obama should not be re-elected; he shouldn't as he stinks.
    That does not preclude me from also believing with equal vehemence and conviction that Romney shouldn't be elected either, as he also stinks.

    That they both equally stink for much the same reasons, and that their supporters have both decided to support and defend them from the "disbelievers and godless skeptics", as well as, heh, proselytize to the "unwashed and ignorant masses", with equal vigor and identical methods is perhaps the most cruelly hilarious thing of all...for me at least.
    --and don't even get me started on the playing of the Catholic card with their choice of VPs...for the love of, heh, God