Thursday, August 23, 2012

ABC News Contributes To The Mormon Whitewash

So this is how it'll go down from here on out: 

Joseph Smith will be rebranded as "a farm boy" instead of a multiply-convicted con man, and Mormons will be projected as victims of hysterical persecution - instead of a pushy (and gullible) people forcing Smith's pretty sick "beliefs" into other's lives.

There will be no talk of occult mysticism, unknown planets and stars, "reform Egyptian," or how men with daughters thought of polygamy coming into their communities. As a matter of fact, there will be no talk of delusional thinking what-so-ever, but more of an appeal to find acceptance in our hearts for those with wacky "beliefs."

That's all they are. You know, like when a "crazy" uncle comes over for Thanksgiving dinner, gets drunk in the corner, and starts rudely pontificating on the "niggers" or whatever. "Oh, that's just Uncle Charlie!" everyone says, knowing - well, hoping - no one will ever get hurt (or has ever gotten hurt) from his "ideas."

(Ever wonder why nobody ever brings up the plight of blacks who came into contact with Mormons - during all those 100+ years Mormons considered us "cursed" - except for the supposed-pain of not being able to join in this silliness? Whatever happened to them? You think that might have *something* to do with why Utah's historically been so white? And why there are so few black-owned businesses prospering here in the busy-as-a-beehive state? I guess it doesn't matter because they're supporting Mia Love now - who, I assume, is "teaching" her kids they'll get their own planet when they die, along with all this ahistorical BS about early Israelites coming to America - so "all's well that ends well," right? Riiight. Until it's YOUR kids,...)

But forget all that - PLEASE! No, you're to focus on (and feel pride for) how uniquely American this particular nonsense is, that is what's important. Ignore everything else those "imposing" temples represent and go with the flow, Dude, it's all chill - until you challenge what Mormons "think" they know, and they become unreasonable, and THEN you realize why they've been chased to what was an isolated part of the country where, at last, they were determined to call the shots. Come on:

Slap a smiley face button on the whole thing and let's call it a day. 

Whew. After watching this malarky, it's pretty easy for me to understand why ABC NEWS' Jake Tapper recently wrote a column on how the media is failing us.

But - considering this manipulative piece of "celestial" propaganda was produced by his own network - I have to wonder if even he truly "gets" how bad the problem is,...


  1. Just give it a little time. After the conventions the campaign will get going and the Obama Dems will be all-Mormon-crazy-all-the-time. Every network except maybe Fox will be running "documentaries" on magic underwear, polygamy, the mark of Cain and whatever.

  2. I know, but even that's going to be a joke. I want someone to take it seriously - to actually delve into what it all means.

    What does it say about people, and the American education system, that millions of human beings needed a "revelation" from some guy in 1978 to know a "curse" wasn't really put upon me? Or that there's no such thing as a "revelation"?

    What does it say about us as a country - in this time of extreme partisanship - that some feel they need underwear as a reminder to remain different?

    Fuck the ain't-they-weird shit. The most weird thing currently going on is the lack of serious thought in this country about the obvious issues we're living with, but seem afraid to confront maturely.

    It's not just the economy,...

  3. I would like to see the reactions of some of the Republican (don't call them conservative) he-man punditry if they found out about Joe's inner circle and its liking for castration (one of the things that got the locals cranked about them in MO and IL, along with wife/daughter stealing and livestock poisoning).
    Not saying that the locals were saints and angels themselves, but the Mormons weren't exactly pure, put upon darlings themselves...and well, the threat of possible castration tends to get the menfolk a bit testy.
    All I know is turning America (or even Missouri) into the kingdom of the almighty (whoever their almighty is for this world, I could never figure that out) means me and mine will likely be shown the door (if we're lucky) because they don't particularly cotton to my no thanks. In the end that's my bottom line -- the more I hear people say "oh, but the Mormons are so good, wholesome, family oriented, patriotic, never met one who wasn't, the country would probably be better if there were more...etc. etc. to the point I puke the worse things are likely to become for people like me and mine, and I kinda don't really have the ability to jump on a plane and go someplace else (plus actually kinda liking it here for the most part) no thanks.