Friday, August 31, 2012

Waxing Philosophical (On Not Being So Philosophical)

If I'm right - and this tale is only about a *single* "healer" who got caught - then there's a lot more victims, hurt, that we've never heard about:

Awww, never mind. Sticking needles into non-existent pressure points is a fine tool. Or rather, tools are fine thinking non-existent pressure points need needles stuck in them. Or rather, non-existent pressure points are fine for needling tools who got stuck.

Wait - no they're not. Those tools are DEAD. Because they weren't skeptical enough to know they shouldn't have been letting some moron do things to them that were completely unnecessary in the first place.

Life, in many ways, may be a joke; but how that elevates quack practices, or the deaths that result from them, I don't know. Making a mockery of the only existence we have can be fun, but dumbing us down isn't the answer to that problem either. I don't dance around no golden calf.

Somehow, someone, somewhere, convinced the previous generation that a firm foundation of knowledge isn't a way to raise a smile, but that being permanently grinning idiots was better than the occasional discovery when you were really and truly happy. They said, "Anything goes," and so anything went, and now it seems like almost everything is gone.

Nothing could stop them. Nothing had to. There was nothing there to begin with. Except for all the hard work, other people had invested, convinced these fools were wasting their time.

What's really funny is, we hard-nosed types are the folks not afraid of death, so we don't find ourselves getting scammed as often. Our last thoughts aren't, "What a fool I've been," but that life can make fools of us all.

There's a comfort in knowing you didn't get struck down - or stuck dumb - and especially for a fee. 

"Believe" me, I've seen it, I know,...

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