Thursday, August 30, 2012

Silent But Deadly

Hard to "believe," but I've finally found someone who says, "I have no complaint with people who in good-conscience say, 'I can’t vote for either one of these guys.'” It's radio host Bryan Fischer, "a staunch proponent of 'muscular Christianity,' former preacher and unremitting social conservative" (according to and Fischer also says:

You lay Mormon beliefs and teachings alongside Christian orthodoxy, and clearly we’re talking about two different religions. I believe we ought to be able to acknowledge that, we ought to be able to admit that, we ought to be able to talk openly about what those differences are. And then people are going to make up their own minds about how important those differences are. There’s no reason why we should shy away from that conversation.

So, once again, this atheist finds himself agreeing more with a "staunch" Christian than even most of my fellow (for lack of a better term) "open-minded" conservatives, no matter where they land on the spectrum of left or right.

Figures. Unless you're caught up in the manic groupthink of an election - if you're the kind of person who doesn't push aside all other possible concerns for whatever your political goals are - naturally you're going to be more objective and reasonable.

Of course we should be able to discuss Mormonism for what it is, instead of this Keep Quiet campaign that's going on - I have no ambition to participate in a lie, and I lose respect for those willing to do so, merely to win an election. As I've seen it, we were going to win anyway - which also appears to be Bryan Fischer's attitude - so why sully ourselves for it?

Oh yeah - because you were desperate.

You fools. You willingly played yourselves, but GOOD:

The Mormons should print "Pull my finger,…" on Republican ballots,...

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