Thursday, August 23, 2012

Young, Dumb, And Full Of (The Queen Mum's Credibility)

Alright, now that he's in trouble, Drudge has got me thinking about it: 

Poor Harry. It's gotta be a drag having to live up to the whole "I'm a prince" thing, even if it includes frolicking with six naked girls.

There was a band I used to tour with, where part of the show included the lead singer giving a speech about his love for the wife and kid, but every night he'd bed a couple of blondes, a hypocrisy that never sat right with me. (Now his show includes a heavy dose of "spirituality," so you can imagine the duplicity involved there.) I mention that because, even then, questions of personal dignity and ethics were raging through my mind, making me wonder if anyone else shared them.

It's gotta be tough on Harry. Born into Di and Charlie's sick and twisted NewAge "heir and a spare" situation (made morbid by her death) he's richer than shit - and in a time when life holds about as little meaning as it ever has - how's he supposed to figure anything out when nobody else appears to? Sure, it's just keeping your pants up in public, but come on:

There were six of them!

And girls are weird. Other than in a dressing room of some kind, I think I've only been naked with other men enough times that I can count them on one hand. But women? It seems like all you have to do is tell them it's O.K. and they'll "drop trou" anywhere, no matter how many others are around - nude beaches, wet T-shirt contests, saunas, photography studios; anywhere there's a camera they'll provocatively pose. Hell, they now take naked photos of themselves and send them to others.

I guess that's what happens if they haven't developed an inner life of some kind. And, considering any man can see that hole in their psychological makeup, it's mighty hard not to take advantage. Pimping is based on it. What's that old pimp line? "Let [women] run they own lives and they go crazy,…"

O.K., I'm saying too much - I know too much - and because of that, in truth, I don't care. Thanks to the hippies, people have long ago taken "freedom" to mean from responsibility, and especially from anyone's long-term interests, so some red head kid's commonly idiotic behavior in Vegas holds about as much interest, for me, as it did the birds flying by his hotel. (There were six of them!) Once the Queen's gone, all that "royalty" nonsense will be over anyway.


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