Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Fixed TMR's Donation Button (It Broke Out Of Greed,...)

It's hilarious that my readers have been more concerned about/aware of the blog's broken "donate" button than I have, but the last donation I received - which was the computer I'm writing this on - has changed my life so radically I barely have time to post anymore.

Or at least like I used to: 

For instance, I've just spent the entire last week dealing with software issues - I'm talking pulling my fucking hair out - in an effort to create something I can give back to TMR's readers. No shit.

That should tell you where my priorities are/have been. To those who have donated, or plan to, I am as grateful as one of those swollen-bellied African kids should be for a sandwich, but my mind has honestly been on the work - whether it's changing minds online, or preparing to eventually do so offline. (Yeah, I suffer from serious tunnel vision,...) Don't get me wrong:

I want the money - but I need it to do what's important. 

So look over on the right (under that outstanding quote by "Mr. Rational") hold your nose, and do the dirty deed - knowing I'm rubbing my hands together on this end, repeatedly saying:

"I am The Crack Emcee - bloggillionaire. I own some passion and a rock."

Screw that - keep it in the realm of possibility:

"How you know me doctor?"

Cracks me up, every time,...


  1. I appreciate knowing that giving is good and productive (but I knew that already).

  2. You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!