Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Which Witch Is Which? (I'd Switch,...)

I just found this on Craig's List:
Major TV network, is looking for Witches and Pagan families to participate in a new television show about the everyday lives of Witches and Pagans living in Salt Lake City and other Utah areas. Is your family openly Pagan or living as Witches and not afraid to let everyone know it? Are you still "in the broom closet" and have not told anyone at work or school that you are Pagan? Do you celebrate Pagan holidays, gather with other Pagans, or practice Pagan rituals and or Witchcraft as part of your everyday life? We are looking for you! 
We would like to include all types of Pagans, including Wiccans, Celtics, Druids, etc. This will be a very straightforward process in which we will follow a family or multiple families in a documentary style fashion. We will explore your religion and traditions, and how it all fits into your every day life. We are looking to show Paganism in a positive light. 
A logic question for the "major TV network": 
Why don't witches just cast a spell to make that happen? Geez,... 

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  1. What might make this show brilliant is if they cast you as the narrator/host. But it would only work if you had full editorial control of your comments.