Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Wisdom Of Women

Not a lot of time for posting today but I just wanted to get this out there:

Over at the SHAMblog, Steve Salerno (above) wrote a funny piece about some fictional folks trying to write a gender-neutral bible. The skewed logic he displayed went like this:

TED: I thought we'd begin with a quick read-through. To kind of get us in the spirit of things, as it were. So: "And God said, Let there be…"

ELLEN: I have a problem with that.

TED: You have a problem with what?

ELLEN: I'm put off by the overtones. "Let there be light…" It's such a transparently macho way of speaking. So pontifical. Women don't speak that way.

MARCIA: I disagree. Why can't women be pontifical?

TED: Besides, you wouldn't expect God to be pontifical?

ELLEN: A macho God, yes.

MARCIA: What actually troubles me here is that everyone knows that Edison invented the light bulb.


TED: Ohh-kay…."

I thought this was hilarious until I started reading the New York Times, for the results of last night's caucus, and, in the comments section, read this post by "SGW":

"Right after Clinton won big in OH and was leading in TX, the men of MSNBC (Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews) were wondering out loud whether she “should quit” the race. They then proceeded to chat it up with David Axelrod about Clinton and her “throwing in the kitchen sink” politics. Another subconscious reference to women as housewives?"

Now, once again, I ain't laughing "no mo". I swear, feminists are insane,....Considering Hillary's win last night - and the fate of our country - are any of you sure you know what you're doing?

In this NewAge world, I sometimes have to wonder, especially since my research leaves me getting waay too much exposure to waaay too many mush-headed scenes, like the one below, which (I'm sure) is making Al Qaeda, and Hamas, etc., very, very, happy,...:

The stupid - it burns.


  1. Are you sure that wasn't an SNL skit?

    Did Will Ferrel come on in the end in tights with a bomb strapped to himself?

    Honestly - I was surprised how frightened I was by that shit. I didn't have the stones to finish watching.

    Take care of yourself CMC. It is not healthy to watch too much of that shit, even if it is for a good cause.

    Music breaks are really essential following your blog. Keep that up please.

  2. Yea, I plan on keeping the music coming, as I grow more accustomed to listening to it again. I might even keep a daily log on the blog, of what I'm listening to as I post, so you guys can get a better idea of what's happening on my end.

    Right now it's Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban's "Mambo Sinuendo" (from the album of the same name) which is some pretty cool Cuban weirdness, featuring the island's usual exceptional musicianship: A nice escape from that other kind of weirdness,...