Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lying On A Mass Scale Has Turned Out To Be A Really Big Problem (But It Would Only Take A Few Really Good Journalists To Fix It) Really.

"He,...needs to tell us why he gullibly (or not?) let false information travel around the world unanswered for what will probably end up being almost 48 hours — false information that will remain planted in the minds of those who won’t see any retraction or correction."

-- Tom Blumer, discussing Sam Stein's claim on the Huffington Post (among others) that John McCain's vice-presidential selection, Sarah Palin, wasn't properly vetted, except in Pajamas Media.

"Almost 48 hours"? Try almost 48 years like Sexy Sadie! You journalists should investigate Deepak Chopra. Low-hanging fruit and all that. Lying is like his bread and butter, and he learned at the foot of the master. Get your mojo back on Deepfat Okra.

That is, if lying bothers journalists. Does lying bother journalists? It's kind of hard to tell.

"Almost 48 hours,...." That's a good one.

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