Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cult, Cults, Cultism, Cultish, Cultish Thinking: You'll Eventually Learn To Respect These Words

"Her cultish clinging to,...belief, against all scientific evidence,...cost her daughter her life in 2005 and, very likely, cost her her own life a few days ago,....

Leave it to HIV/AIDS denialist crank Celia Farber,..her claim is that Christina Maggiore did not die of AIDS. Rather,...a combination of stress and a "radical detoxification" regimen,...even if her account is accurate, matter what killed Maggiore, HIV or quackery, her case stands as a shining example that pseudoscience and antiscience kill."

-- Orac, on the self-imposed death lap taken by yet another cultish thinker, for Respectful Insolence.

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