Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Promote Homeopathy (Stop This Crazy Thing!!!)

"Homeopathy is perhaps the most ridiculous of all quackery, since it says that the best medicine is medicine that is entirely gone.

In theory it hardly needs debunking; it’s a cul-de-sac of reason, Poe’s Law incarnate. It’s the solipsism of medicine.

Still, many people believe in it, so in practice it does need debunking.

In a typical essay showing all the myriad ways homeopathy goes wrong, the usual suspects are displayed: the theory behind it doesn’t make sense, water doesn’t have memory, diluting medicine actually makes it weaker, and all that.

But you don’t need to go into all that detail. Why not? Because homeopathy is self-denying!

Just look at it this way:

If homeopathy works, then obviously the less you use it, the stronger it gets. So the best way to apply homeopathy is to not use it at all.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Still, homeopaths tend to be immune to logic and reason (ironically, proving homeopathy at least in principle: the less likely you are to ask for scientific evidence to support it, the stronger homeopathological evidence gets).

So we need a practical application, a way to stop homeopathy practitioners cold. And I think I have it.

The next time you meet one, ask them what they do when they get thirsty.

If they really believe homeopathy, then within days all the homeopaths will be gone, deceased due to diligently dogmatic dehydration.

And the beauty of it?

According to their own logic, once all the homeopaths are gone, they will have reached maximum strength.

They win, we win, medicine wins, logic wins. Everyone wins.

Well, technically, they don’t win, being dead and all. But they made their point! I think.

Anyway, spread the word! And if you’re a homeopath, then it’s your duty to link to this very blog post: according to your own tenets, the more it gets out there, the weaker it is! So submit it to Digg, submit it to Fark, put it on Slashdot, and Boing Boing, and Neatorama. Get millions of people to visit this page. It’s the only way to stop skepticism!"
-- Phil Plait putting Samuel Hahnemann's "logic" to good use, which he surely got from Bad Astronomy.


  1. There is no point in any further attempt to debunk this crap. Any demonstrated proof will only cause them to twist and warp some facet to escape the proof, and you’ll have to start all over again.

    It’s only a game to this mix of deformed infantile brains and psychopaths, and the only way to win is to not play. Think about the expense and effort of disproving the memory of water. It’s a huge waste.

    These morons get far too much polite respect from much of the media (and the U.K. government)for promoting and practicing bullshit (except from the notable, no-nonsense TMR). At a time when many journalists and writers make it a habit to skew information, why choose this shit to pretend to be politely neutral?

    If you were with someone who had a piece of lettuce in their teeth, you’d inform them, in most cases. So the way to not play the game here is to only inform them they are stupid. Period. Walk Away. No arguing. Scams and practical jokes lose their fun completely when the perpetrator can’t observe the reaction of the target.


    Put a hat full of fruit on their heads and read them their Carmen Miranda Rights;

    “You have the right to remain stupid. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of intelligence and common sense.

    You have the right to have a homeopath present during questioning. If you cannot afford a homeopath, one will be dragged behind a city bus for you.

    Should you give up your right to remain stupid, all help will be afforded to get you back to not-stupid. Do you understand these rights?”

  2. Wow, there is an amazing number of errors in this post! Do your research before insulting a modality of medicine's efficacy!

  3. "Do your research before insulting a modality of medicine's efficacy!"Nope - we're gonna be as content-free as homeopathy is.

  4. I like the pictures and the site looks cool and its sort of funny, your conclussions are all flawed though, I wouldnt waste my and your time explaining in details why, but a lot of these airy fairy sciences have a very solid scientific base and a logical one too. the attitude you have is born of ignorance, I equate this with the western view of acupunture, chiropractors, hypnotherapy - all proven quacks by your type of ignorance a few years ago, now all mainstream. but wot eva

  5. Funny, we, how you (somehow) equate popularity with logic - when there's no connection between the two - I mean, slavery was once popular, so I guess you approve of the logic behind it. Just as you say "these airy fairy sciences have a very solid scientific base" (which is a statement, to me, that boggles the mind: how can they be, both, "airy fairy" and "solid"?) slavery had a very solid economic base, so "wot eva" right? Anything goes as long as you can hope to seem cool and above it all? Including killing people - which is what these folks are doing - ?

    The ignorance I encounter on this blog is suicidal.

  6. Your conclusions as to what I view as logic are assumptions and wrong assumptions.
    Like I said I’m not going to waste my time proving anything, I don’t think some one like you could ever join the dots up, Ill give you general pointers as to some of the avenues you can study so you may be able to put the pieces together all by your self, google “Masaru Emoto” look also in the fields of ‘quantum physics’
    I’ve just done a quick search and found an article that explains this in a way that even an ignore-anus might be able to piece together. Search for the full article below on google (if you have heard of the new fangled thing called ‘google’)

    Groundbreaking new research has just been revealed that establishes the validity of homeopathy. It's being called the "holy grail" of homeopathy, and it has been published in the peer reviewed journal Inflammation Research. The study shows that a chemical dissolved in a solution (in such proportions that not even a single molecule of the original chemical could exist in the water) exhibits verifiable, scientifically proven biological effects. What this proves is that homeopathy is real. There's something about the homeopathic water that is different from regular water, and the biological effects are undeniable and easy to verify.

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  8. Real (homeopathic) medicine cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

  9. Jesus, lady, you dare to put "Dr." before your name? How crazy are you? Here, I want you to do a test:

    Put a drop of Coka-Cola in a glass. Then fill the glass with water and shake it. If you then have "stronger Coke" or "more Coke" - or anything but a glass full of water - you come back and tell me about it, O.K., "Doctor"?

    You're nuts.

  10. Evidence-based modern homeopathy is the scientific revolution (fastest growing medicine in the world) in the 21st century

  11. Dr Malik, I have bad news for you. Homeopathy is bunkum. If I get cancer I want chemotherapy, not a fucking maple leaf rubbed in my eyes.

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