Monday, December 22, 2008

Who's Still Out There Looking For Meaning?

"It cannot be a defence of British policy that the war was unpopular at home. Our mission was to provide security for the Iraqi people, and in that the US and Maliki’s government have recently had marked success and we have failed. The fault does not lie with our fighters. They have been extremely brave and as effective as their orders and their equipment would allow.

It raises questions about the stamina of our nation and the resolve of our political class. It is an uncomfortable conclusion that Britain, with nuclear weapons, cruise missiles, aircraft carriers and the latest generation of fighter-bombers, is incapable of securing a medium-size conurbation. Making Basra safe was an essential part of the overall strategy; having committed ourselves to our allies we let them down...

The British media and public have shown scant regard for our failure to protect Iraqis, so the British nation, not just its government, has attracted distrust. We should reflect on what sort of country we have become. We may enjoy patronising Americans but they demonstrate a fibre that we now lack."

-- Michael Portillo, sadly giving American conservatives - who backed and defended this war and it's purpose - a compliment that's long overdue, in The Times Online.

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    Crack Emcee,

    If you haven't seen this you may want to.

    I have been saying this for the longest time.

    Liberals hijack the positive attributes of others and claim the image for their own, without the messy business of exerting themselves.

    If you'd like further evidence, look up the past eight Civil Rights Acts.

    Every liberal I have discussed civil rights with claims the left owns the rights to that work, and thay are the civil rights party.

    But the truth is, the left almost always fought it. From vetoes to filibusters. Including the Act introduced by JFK.

    Celebrities do these things frequently. While Bono of U2 was busy pressing the Irish government to send Irish tax dollars to Africa, he was also quietly moving U2's music business to another country to avoid Irish taxes.

    Narcissists love to take you out and show you a really good time ....but you'll get the bill.