Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Panda, There's A "Toxin" In Your (Student) Body

"Come on folks. The chiropractic theory of disease and treatment has no relationship to reality at all. I will never refer to a chiropractor any more than I would refer to a homeopath, a Reiki healer, or a shaman. They're all ridiculous and the idea that you who are supposedly the best and brightest, the most educated people in the country can't call a spade a spade is equally so.

Good Lord."

-- Panda Bear, M.D., after watching the totally-embarrassing spectacle of a few ass-wipe NewAge quack apologists easily tying a bunch of student doctors in knots, on the Student Doctor Network Forum.

The "debate" (such as it is) starts here but I warn you: do not read this unless you want to witness something really, really depressing,....

And BTW - the fact that (supposedly) "real" doctors have already bought into homeopathy's terminology - of "allopathic" vs. "alternative" medicine - should be the first clue to just how bad things are out there. Like I said:

Really, really depressing,....

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  1. In Nature, those who are weak and stupid normally wouldn’t thrive or survive. But in modern society they are moved through the ranks artificially and to the extent possible, kept from harming themselves and others to death.

    But it breeds things like NewAge.

    This doesn’t depress me anymore. I find humor in the stupidity, and the debates these mopes get into over “does 2+2= 421 or 1,458,732?”

    So the next time you see an internet video with some idiot jumping off a bridge with a pogo stick in his ass and a tape measure to check the bounce, just realize what you’re seeing is Nature’s way of weeding out fools, without the interference.