Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Can Just Feel It (This Doesn't End Well)

"KOT GHULAM MUHAMMAD: The graves of two women - Fatima and Sakina, murdered by an exorcist and their relatives, were Tuesday exhumed at village Qadir Bux Bahrani near Kot Ghulam Muhammad, district Mirpur Khas in the supervision of civil judge Badruddin Memon.

An especial team of five doctors from Hyderabad, composed of Anwaer Hussain Memon, police surgeon, Akbar Qazi, Abdul Rahim Siyal and Dr. Salim Raza Memon, conducted postmortem on the remains of 45-year Fatima and 18-year Sakina. EDO Health Mirpur Khas Khadim Hussain Lakhiar, lady doctor Nahid Memon, SHO Ghulam Fareed Jatt and Investigation Officer Ghulam Haider Kanyo were also present.

EDO Health told PPI that the postmortem proves that two women were tortured. They also had head injuries. Dr. Salim Raza Memon told that initial report would be prepared within 48 hours, however it would take some time to submit final report. It may be recalled that these women were murdered on December 14 last. Muhammad Bux Bahrani, father-in-law of deceased Fatima, told newsmen at the graveyard that his son (Husband of Fatima) was also murdered four years back.

After the startling murder of two women on the pretext of faith-healing, it has come to the fore that two more women of same family,..."

-- The Regional Times, which didn't finish that last sentence, but TMR is sure - as The Regional Times' logo says - any further information about another faith healing episode-gone-wrong can only be taken as evidence of how it's "Uniting People Everyday."

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