Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Just Wouldn't Learn To Fly (So I Couldn't Win)

Everyone's talking about this,...

Which lost out in a "sexy" poll to this,...

I look like this,...

But my ex-wife left me for this:

Now you tell me if she wasn't crazy.


  1. A Brief Lesson in the Development of the Flying Carpet.

    A: " Hey B, we've swept so much duplicity, bullshit, deceit, lies and immorality under the rug it doesn't touch the ground anymore".

    B: "That's alright A, we'll just convince people it's flying. And when we sweep that under the rug also, they'll assume we have altitude control."

    Dude - You will know for certain one day soon that you did win.

  2. It's difficult to tell - you've still got your shirt on :-)

    I'm with JRN, you'll find someone who is right for you. It took me five years the last time, and a lot of flaky women.

    Merry Christmas.