Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh: It's Not Wrong If A Psychic Does It, II

Well, well, well - another "psychic" story:

It looks like reports about Janet Adams, who ran San Mateo's Psychic and Crystal Vision shop, have brought others forward to say "Karma kicks you in the butt." (Really, that's what they're saying.) According to this latest San Jose Mercury News report, Dianna Czellecz says Adams got her for $1,000 and:

"None of Adams' predictions came true, and a candle she gave Czellecz to ward off evil spirits turned out to be a Glade strawberries and cream air freshener."

Yes, you know I love that! Say the word "psychic" and what TMR hears is "Class - all the way!"

And, speaking of San Francisco's South Bay - and "class" - is anybody looking into the "work" of Doti Boon ("The California Psychic") down there?

I'm just askin' because she and Corky Whitacre (great "scam name") have got that whole "Center For Creative Living" scam going on down there, and - as I found out the hard way - "Psychic readings with Doti are always very interesting!"

I wonder if Doti knows - since she told my ex-wife, Karine Brunck, she had "special powers" and to hook up with that Quack, Robert Wohlfahrt - that those two went on to kill three people? She must know: she's psychic!

Anyway, the beautiful Janet Adams (they're all beautiful) is now in San Mateo County jail on $500,000 bail, after already having "served two years for two felony convictions in 2004, and those cases involved swindling."

And, I bet you, she's another "psychic" who never saw prison time coming. But she will now,...


  1. Caution: Janet Adams and Dianna Czellecz are professional jerk-offs. So kids, do not try this at home.

    The karma morons would have to at least acknowledge it’s karma for both or none. Dianna Czellecz got her kick in the butt for choosing stupidity as a way of life and coughing up a thousand dollars for bullshit.

    Adams got hers in the form of legal troubles for being a scumbag crook, though I am wondering how it is criminal in this instance.

    The complaint "None of Adams' predictions came true” fails the “Reasonable Person” test. No reasonable person would have expected Adams’ predictions to come true. Paying for a prediction of any kind leaves you hanging on your own hook. Like in Vegas.

    The other complaint that “a candle she gave Czellecz to ward off evil spirits turned out to be a Glade strawberries and cream air freshener" is just comical.

    What’s it supposed to be made from? Uri Gellers’ penis? Was the active ingredient found to be missing? It has to be made from something, so why not Glade. Besides, Glade wards off most people I know so it probably has a shot at scattering evil spirits.

    I am not defending Janet Adams, she is a criminal. But I refuse to let Dianna Czellecz of the hook. She is intentionally stupid, and I have no sympathy for either one.

    And if Adams is busted for selling something that doesn’t exist and swindling, then I want Gavin Newsome arrested. I heard this morning San Francisco Airport is setting up computerized kiosks where you can buy carbon credits to offset your trip. How is that different from what Adams did?

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