Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Could Have All Been Predicted (TMR Did)

"A San Mateo woman who allegedly swindled a senior citizen out of more than $80,000 during psychic and Tarot readings could lose her business as soon today.

Carstens Realty, which manages retail units at the Laurelwood Shopping Center, has taped a notice to pay rent or quit to the door of 46-year-old Janet Adam's psychic and crystal vision shop.

The Dec. 24 document states that Adams and Lorraine Lewis, apparently a co-tenant, must vacate the tiny house-like structure in the shopping center's parking lot in three days if they don't pay $400 for December rent and $27 in common area expenses. Adams' rental agreement dates back to December 2006, according to the document.

...San Mateo police also had taped a search warrant to another window, and the previously tidy shop appeared to have been ransacked Friday morning. A pile of papers and objects littered the floor, and a holiday elf clad in red and green lay face down in front of the entrance."

-- Jessica Bernstein-Wax, on the further adventures of a "psychic" in touch with everyone's future but her own, for The San Jose mercury News.


  1. I have devised an eight-point program to free society of the NewAge influence;

    Evacuate the entire state of New Mexico.

    Fence in the state.

    Dump all the promoters, believers and followers of any NewAge crap behind the fence.

    Remove all rocks so they can’t put them in a circle.

    Give them water whose last memory was of being in a polar bears’ bladder.

    Occasionally disguise aircraft as UFOs and fly over them at night to give them false hope.

    Wait a few years while they screw each other over and only one guy is left.

    Shoot that guy.