Friday, December 26, 2008

Randi: Let's Get Physical With The Metaphysical

"We must wonder at how anyone with any degree of common sense can believe such utter nonsense, but let's look at the worst that these frauds can expect from the law. As with those who sell phony merchandise for years, come to the eventual attention of the state or federal authorities, and are convicted and put out of business, these con artists might pay a fine or serve short prison terms. Lisa Marie Miller was locked up for two months in exchange for $108,000 and a sports car. That sounds like a good rate of pay, I'd say. Will Adams or Marks get the same degree of penalty for their heartless scams? If so, what are WE doing, behaving ourselves and acting honestly toward others? The frauds - spoon-benders, fortune tellers, quacks, 'psychics,' 'healers' - are doing a lot better than most of us, and the present recession can only improve their fortunes as the grieving, desperate, elderly and naïve suckers continue to flock to be fleeced..."
-- James Randi, looking at the current ramping-up of "psychic" arrests - with light penalties compared to the crimes - and wondering why TMR should be as honest as the folks at James Randi Educational Foundation.

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  1. Ooo, he has his Mova globe right there.

    One of my favorite men.