Monday, December 22, 2008

Fuck, Now He Reads Minds, Too,...Amazing

This is from, like, a year ago (note the very-alive Tim Russert) but it shows The New York Times' NewAge Republican douchebag, David Brooks - as opposed to "The New York Times' NewAge conservative douchebag, David Brooks" - making claims that are enough to haunt everyone:

Liberals - conservatives like Barack Obama.

Conservatives - conservatives like Barack Obama.

TMR fans - Barack Obama can read minds. (Yikes!)

Does TMR care what David Brooks is saying? Of course not. I told you: Brooks is a douchebag.


Forget mind reading, you people don't listen,....

Hat Tip: Wonkette


  1. This Twinkie said nothing at all informative about Obama, but did mange to autopsy himself psychologically.

    He is in love with Obama. The same kind of love as when a ditzy woman-girl makes eye contact with Engelbert Humperdinck for 1/10 of a second from the stage and now believes he loves her. Or that Barry Manilow was reading her mind when he wrote those songs.

    The lilt in his voice, the dreamy look in his eyes and the goofy smile at the mention of Obama. You can almost see him wet himself. I suspect he was compelled, out of jealously, to make a voodoo doll of Chris Matthews. Maybe we’ll be treated to a boy cat-fight.

    Apparently it hasn’t occurred to Mr. Twinkie that many of us see he does what he does primarily to make himself feel good. And that his mind is as easy to read as an exit sign to anyone who’s awake.

    I think I’ll FedEx him a baseball bat with instructions on how to beat some sense into himself. Until he does that, keep him away from children and small animals, I think.

    It’s very fitting the New York Time’s achievement of financial junk bond status now matches their journalism status.

  2. I may have been a little harsh about Brooks getting the vapors over Obama.

    I just had the same reaction to Megyn Kelly.