Monday, December 29, 2008

Convincing Thinking People Is Tougher, Ducks

"This goes from a simple libel case to one where an entire sector of garbage "alternative medicine" has to prove what it does is actual medicine.

...The entire skeptical community will be watching this case very closely, I assure you. This could potentially be huge, bigger than the Dover creationism trial. I would so dearly love to see medical quackery get the justice it oh-so deserves. Most pseudoscience has subtle ramifications, but alternative medicine quackery hurts and even kills people."
-- Phil Plait, on the whole Simon Singh Vs. The Chiropractors broohaha, and revealing he understands the deadly ramifications behind this "nice" nonsense (even though very few others do and, instead, cultishly choose to protect it) though Phil's only using Bad Astronomy.

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