Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Good Spiritual Advice

"Put on a song with no commercial attachments. Turn it up. Close your eyes. And listen."**

-- Jon Pareles, giving the best advice a music lover can receive today, for The New York Times.

**Paying a visit to my music sites (supposedly what I "do") leaves me a bit embarrassed:

Because of this distraction and new other interest (AKA TMR and the subject of NewAge cultism) I haven't updated the music sites in a long time, and - because of a problem with "cookies" on MySpace - I can't even enter my own private areas to edit things properly. I'll probably have to take them all down, soon, and start them over.

Anyway, there they are (as they are) and, I guess, I'm adding this text to let you know they've now got my attention again.

And I'm sorry to have to say "I'm sorry" - about something for which I'm so proud - but I'm sorry,...that I'm hardly an online music marketing expert as well.

-- CMC


In that last link - "proud" - is a 2003 article about me by Darren Keast of The SF Weekly. It was written two years before my divorce started, and, while all the information there isn't true as written (I get used to those things) check out my comments regarding my ex-wife, Karine Anne Brunck. They should add some context for the occasional anguish I've displayed here (as angry and unattractive as it can seem). -- CMC

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