Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Hear It For An Old Favorite

This is one of those songs that got me to thinking about how men act around women - and led to the charge I'm a misogynist because I won't (you can't win with these people) - and how "feminist" males are really just dupes for pussy. It should be called "I Know What (Stupid) Boys Like"...

I mean, look at the singer - she is a bit,...underwhelming. And yet, she can get away with saying this because it's true:

Many men don't think about their break-your-neck-to-get-a-look behavior, no matter who it is. 

The opposite is women, constantly judging men as less-than, not good enough, always on the make, etc., even when we may be looking at them because we think they're, both, underwhelming and full of shit.

Ahh, such a vicious circle. It's a wonder anybody gets together at all. 

I've been away from the blog to work on my own music - including a new mix tape for y'all which should be ready in a few days. I'll try to post more today, and over the weekend, now that the pressure of creative inspiration has subsided a bit. Stay tuned,...

1 comment:

  1. The whole man/woman thing has me sort of confused.
    Seems like the more people try to find perfection (whatever the hell that's supposed to be) in the opposite sex (or their relationships with them) the crazier things get. Maybe folks overthink it too much anymore, or maybe they aren't thinking me.