Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Don't Need Reminders Of How Dumb This Place Is,...

Is it just me, or would life be better when comedians aren't (almost) the only ones who can see how absolutely insane the world we're presented with is? Shouldn't the news be reporting this?

How much did Chanel pay Brad Pitt - who a friend of mine said "ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer" after meeting him - really, how much did they pay Pitt to stand there and spout gibberish? Isn't there a financial crisis happening? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe wasting money played some role in it?

And what of the stupid women? The stupid women who respond to gibberish - there's got to be a lot of them for a perfume company to launch a campaign like this, right? Come on, how many stupid women do you think are out there? Give me a number - in billions.

 I know - the stupid women can't - but the rest of you can: 


Here's my message to perfume companies, brain-dead Brad, and stupid women everywhere:

Reducing life to a tragic embarrassment does NOT add one iota of value to the experience.

And parody videos don't help, either - not even a little,...

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  1. Maybe it has something to do with sex and coolness sells? Like those car ads with the average looking, everyday ordinary guy and the hot babe, or the ones with the "average" people, who are somehow always a bit above average in looks being all cool while riding around in a certain brand of car?

    Eh, honestly I've got nothing: Chanel No. 5 does smell nice, but then again other things smell just as good and are cheaper...I don't know why the hell people buy the stuff...maybe because they can (or think they can)? There's a lot of "but I have to have it" in this world; isn't exactly discouraged.

    *who admits to being a secret devotee of looking sharp (not trendy, sharp), but also realizes she's a working class, middle aged mom, so you know...come on let's be real: not like fancy French perfume is going to do anything for me other than make it impossible to buy the kids' new shoes...and looking sharp need not necessarily break the bank anyway