Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raised To See A Brick House But Ran Into A Brick Wall

Feminist Ann Althouse's hippie "space case" routine cracks me up - a week ago she gave us this:
Life is short, and much of it is beautiful and full of love.

I disagreed, so she insisted the problem was mine. But, today, she's got a new perspective:
What has happened to the beautiful people? 
Did some disease just strike Hollywood? Seriously, they look ill or corrupt or desolate,…Are they all somehow dying? Is this the return of "heroin chic"? Did the picture-of-health go out of style? What's happening?

"What's happening," Annie? I'll tell you: 

 You're delusional and lying to yourself, that's what.

Ann's also got another one today (in what seems like a series) on the possible racial roots of Obama's ambivalence towards his job, after I commented on her first one - oh, never mind:

I don't think the Affirmative-Action babies, known as "feminist" professors, are real women - or interested in being real scholars - anyway,…

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