Monday, October 15, 2012

The Mexican Mormon War (Yet Another Unknown Story)

The number of stories surrounding Mitt Romney and the Mormons, that have gone un-investigated, is astounding. Why is Vice magazine telling us this, while the majors and blogs are only working the who's-up-and-who's-down horse race angle? Not a word about blood atonement, the oaths taken - nothing about cultists taking it so seriously they'd kill each other. Maybe because it would ruin the carefully constructed image of how Mormonism can affect the minds of those under it's influence.

This is the story of one gigantic enclave in Mexico and their battle against the drug cartels. It was started by Mormon polygamists - including Mitt's family - which is also one of the ways "the world's fastest growing religion" has come to rule Utah.  It is not without it's heroes, but the fact remains that, like many issues involving Mormons, it's also one of the weirdest, most twisted, and creepiest cult stories you're ever going to find:

Mormon-on-Mormon carnage, narco religions, kidnapping, guns, and lots and lots of kids and cocaine - all under the clean-cut cover of angels, and because of the loopy teachings of Joseph Smith.

So meet Mitt's Mexican cousins, hear the political controversies between them, and even get a real-world glimpse into the issues surrounding the "Fast & Furious" case. And then hate our news culture - mainstream and blogosphere - for being as totally corrupt as what you're witnessing here,...


  1. I was especially taken by how the colonias have taken political control, and are searching for more control; how they don't mind breaking the law if it's "for the right reasons" (hearing the politico brag of killing a member of the military and how the narcos congratulated them made me grit my teeth); and how they would (in spite of all that) look like Lone Ranger to most Americans (I also noticed the workers on their farms, makes me wonder about that too).
    Also, they seem so caring...until you realize their concern and protectiveness only go as far as their own group and then that can break apart in an instant if somebody thinks somebody else isn't holding the line there too.

    There are no Lone Rangers in Mexico. There aren't really any Lone Rangers anywhere, really.

    And I've always kinda wondered about Fast and Furious vis a vis Mitt -- I notice nobody asks him about it, and it is (as Slow Joe would say) a "big f'in deal" for both candidates.


  2. I say that as a former Catholic schoolgirl in the days when N. Ireland was still making the news.
    As my old priest, who was a pretty sharp fellow, used to say "that girl, is what is known as a 'pretty excuse for doing dirty things'" -- everybody wants, believes, and wants to believe that God is on their side while they slaughter people, lie/cheat/steal, and create misery.