Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is There Any "Underwear" Protection Against Mormons?

Hey, Pig Boy! I predict the crumbling of evangelical resistance to Mormonism, merely for political purposes, will eventually be taken as a hit against Christianity itself:
Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’

But forget all that NewAge theocratic ambition stuff, here's something that's even more special:

A website called "Mormon Secret" is using pictures of Mitt and Ann Romney to sell replicas of temple garments - AKA the Mormon "magic" underwear - which the LDS handbook says “provide protection against temptation and evil.”

There's a bit more to them than that, though - with Mormons, there's always a bit more:

They'll save you in a airplane crash? Protect you from demons? Stop bullets? Stop bullets?!?

Well that's great, because the ex-Mormon woman selling this "outward expression of an inward covenant" does so under an alias since, of course, Mormons are so "nice" she has safety fears.

Takes one to know one I guess,….


  1. Yep, I've heard the "stopping bullets" stories...and sure enough, I'm still predicting that if Mitt wins, we'll see conservatives getting the sales pitch about Mormonism.
    ...'cause their so pure, wholesome, and patriotic...and there really isn't that much difference between Mormonism and Christianity; in fact, Mormons are better Christians than most Christians (I heard a Catholic say that last week; I about spit up -- and vowed that if this was the way my old church was going to go, then I definitely am not going back...idiots; they've forgotten more than they ever much so that one of their black, strayed sheep remembers better than they do).

    I wonder if they realize what they are getting themselves into (which consists of more than just underwear that can do some neat tricks)? Nah, probably not.


    *perhaps that Hell thing is already here for me? beginning to think so

  2. And whatever happened to true humility?

    It used to be that "humility" was being a person who knew who they were and knew what they were good at -- and considered it part of the equation to constantly become even better if possible, and to be able to say "this is what I am" with no bragging, because they were all those things.

    Not to sit around and do nothing, try to be good at nothing, and crawl around like a worm.
    I'm glad my dad and grand-dads, a few of the old farts who taught me aren't still alive (I feel sorry for my husband and my son...and even for my daughters, as they understand and embrace this basic truth of manliness better than their male peers, and far better than most women).
    And I say that with all humility!


  3. The last clip (LDS Mormon cult part 1) was particularly instructive - using one cult's fictional writings to denigrate another cult's fictional writings. Seems pretty logical to me.


    I think I'll stick with my magic crystals and sacred incense for the time being.