Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's You Or Me (We're Down To Pure Self-Preservation,...)

In case you're thinking that I'm not blogging very much lately, you're right, and there's two reasons: 

1) I'm having a ball working on my new album. 

2) This is an "I Don't Care" election, so there's no point in my trying to engage anyone. 

The Evil Blogger Lady has posted a great video that features cult leader J.Z. Knight, and it ends with Knight saying:

"I worked really hard so we can have a bad reputation. You know why? So we can do anything out here and nobody cares."

When it comes to cults, politics, and the public, I couldn't have put it better myself. Check it out:

With people being so stupid, I can barely keep typing. I can barely keep breathing. It's all so wrong.

For instance, I like The Evil Blogger Lady - smart cow - but look at even the logic he/she is using: 

Swearing in politics - and during an election season - is bad.

Forget the people JZ Knight has deceived, rippid-off and killed, forget the mass produced "What The Bleep" indoctrination films that drew the suckers into Knight's cult like crazy (literally) forget all that - BAD LANGUAGE is EBL's line in the sand. And you should know that ol' Ramtha's a Democrat who crossed it, because this is an election year, you see. This terrible swearing is happening NOW, while all that other *less important stuff* - the murders, con jobs, brainwashing, lying - that's been happening over multiple decades, right under EBL's nose, during boring times, and influencing no one's vote, so have been deemed unworthy of EBL's mention or action. Or Ann Althouse's, or Glenn Reynolds', or anybody else's really.

Sure, Knight and Romney are both in cults, but "pish-posh" to all that. J.Z. Knight's in the wrong one - there's video evidence her cult swears and openly thinks bad thoughts. Romney's cult doesn't swear, so video evidence THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD is irrelevant and not worth mentioning. They're "nice." I've told you:

This moral mind field of a mindfuck is exactly how the NewAge "works":


 I'm sorry - forgive me: 

 That wasn't cussing, but me losing control and hitting my head on the keyboard again. 

FUCK! <--THAT was cussing

 I'm going back to creating my album,...

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  1. Oh come on. You know bad language is not my line in the sand. Do I think Obama is foolish for saying Romney is a bullshitter and then running some ad with some 18 year old tart? Yes. So I will mock him for it. His mistake. He is playing it small while Mitt is playing it big.

    The JZ Knight thing is something else entirely. But did Barack Obama sell us a false bill of goods and take the entire country to the cleaners? Yep.

    Could Romney do the same? Entirely possible. But with Barack Obama getting reelected it is a certain to continue.