Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christ Will Return To Siberia, The Mongols Are The Lost Tribe Of Africa, Lenin's On Kolob, And The Women Can Have Multiple Husbands, But No Vodka For Anybody

First, Pussy Riot, and now this. Look, it's not often I have anything nice to say about Russia's Vladimir Putin, but when he's right, he's right, and I'm glad to acknowledge it:
The Russian government should toughen its laws governing the activities of the totalitarian cults cropping up across the country, President Vladimir Putin said during a Thursday meeting in the southeastern region of Samara. 
Totalitarian religious groups pose a threat to the society and people, he said: “It’s a hunt not only for souls, but also people’s property.” 
One of the participants at the meeting called on Putin to step up pressure on these sects. They also suggested creating a database of such groups, which would be made available to regional education ministries and schools.
Jesus. Not only do I have to deal with the indignity of cults running loose in this madhouse, but now I also have to watch Russia outshine us in the most important social struggle of our time. Unbelievable. Oh well, I must look at the upside:

Russian kids will never discover they hate their parents for feeding them some woo about why they had to have a crackpot Mormon for president. 

That kind of wonderful "reality" is only created here. 

 Because We Wuv You So Much,…

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  1. I'll just take the vodka, thank you.

    Today was a tough day. I had to give my teenage son the "you're not special" speech: which entails me debunking all that "everyone is special in their own way" crap he's gotten from school and every place else for the past 13 years; that while he is a kid of certain fine attributes, this all amounts to nothing if not backed up by the cultivation of his character and honest work and application of his talents with an emphasis on overcoming ignorance; that it is unfortunate, as there are some that likely will get away with literal murder by doing the very things I am telling him not to be and with the approval and support of his ignorant peers and elders who want to believe in special snowflake-dom.
    I think he took it well and hopefully to heart; it's never an easy thing to do...and all the while knowing in my evil little heart that at the same time I will likely go down in the history books as a member of the generation who really put scam by special snowflake-dom on the map once again.

    All in all, a trying day.
    On top of which I can't even begin to list the number of "friends" and others who have now labeled me a nutcase or worse because I've said bad things about their particular, special snowflake presidential candidate and all his respective sp. snowflake cronies, court hangers on, etc.

    I'll just take the vodka please; one husband is enough for me, and knowing my luck I'll have a cross fall on me...landing me drooling in a wheelchair and not shuffled off this mortal coil (which I suppose is far better than being some dipshit's plural wife on Kolob, to be optimistic).