Saturday, October 13, 2012

As NewAge's Influence Keeps Growing: Where Do They Sell The Bolts That Kept Frankenstein's Head Attached?

Let me translate this for you: 

1) If you were formally rich, but NewAgers stole all of your money, eat that can of beans you found in the dumpster and be "happy."

2) The NewAgers stole all of your money because they were plotting against you, and you ignored it, walking right into their trap. Keep it up.

3) That can of beans is good, isn't it? The next one will be better.

4) After the NewAgers stole all your money, and you were homeless, they hit you over the head in the street - no biggie. Next time get out of their way.

5) While wandering the streets, bleeding, you saw the NewAgers enter a swanky restaurant - wish them well. You have no idea if they'll be spending your money.

6) Not thinking is "logic," so stop complaining that NewAgers are evil or stupid, and society has been dumbed down because of them. There's no connection what-so-ever,…

7) Think of the NewAge this way: Compared to a kid starving in Africa, you've got it GOOD!

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