Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Right Is Starting To Look Like A Really Bad Crowd


  1. The Other McCain claims the photo is of a troll trying to create a controversy. In the same post he also criticizes those who criticize Mormanism.

    It is your opportunity to get in a blog war with "The Other McCain"

  2. Considering everything, that's rich.


    *and I have noticed that "the right" is starting to morph into the same sort of conglomeration of odious characters that have inhabited "the left" -- they may have slightly different goals (but that's splitting hairs) and slightly different methods and memes (but that's splitting hairs too), however, they have become essentially the same thing...therefore I have deemed it necessary and fitting to reaffirm the side I always was on: my side (which neither the right nor the left will take up for, so why should I stick up for them?)

  3. Meanwhile the Obama Dept of Education is signing waivers allowing school districts and states to exempt themselves from the Bush-era "No Child Left Behind" Law, resulting in Florida implementing a plan for racially-based academic goals. The soft bigotry of low expectations by the leftist progressive democrats concern trolls continues.

  4. NCLB was a well intentioned made more of a snafu of a fubar situation than was already there.

    So on one hand, we need to get rid of NCLB...but this is just a return to status quo and then some.
    Because nobody wants to tell the truth, and nobody wants to hear the truth either.


    *and from what I can make out of Romney's plans for education (are there any?) he's no better! In fact, it could even be worse still!
    It doesn't address truth either, you see.