Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bigshot Bloggers And I Will Never See Eye-To-Eye

While I stopped reading Glenn Reynolds after his last utterance of the words "I don't care" (these lawyers really know how to argue a position) I've just decided to break with the Althouse Hillbillies today, after years of enduring an ignorance I'd never bother with in my day-to-day life. (I now understand how Althouse earned her reputation as Stevie Nicks with a wine box,...)

I'm not sure what these law school bloggers think they're doing, other than exploiting their reader's gullibility, but, whatever it is, it ain't good. As professors, they strike me as inevitably bad thinkers, and as lawyers - while they appear to have a firm grasp of the law - they are, collectively and individually, an extremely unethical lot. Really, as self-aware as snakes, and just as prone to crawling on their bellies.

My friends, offline, have watched some of what goes on amongst them, and wondered what the attraction was - and, even now, many of the lawyer's fans think they're just too "all that" for me not to want their attention - but, as always, they're about as wrong as wrong can be:

A bunch of them ripped apart a really nice Catholic priest a few days ago - a good man - simply because he wasn't voting for Romney, which even made this hardcore atheist wonder who I was spending time with. 

I'm pretty sure I know now, and - I'm certain - I don't need their idea of "fun" anymore...


  1. A person with a working conscience is always nice to find.

    Nice work.

    Good luck on your journey.

  2. I agree with Thesauros.

    Good luck with burning all of your bridges in the "blogosphere".

    But I guess you've already seen the reactions of most of the regular commenters on Althouse's site to your self-immolation there.

  3. Hey now, that's an insult to us actual hillbillies -- least we know how to fix your car and can tomatoes...probably most of those folks cure for a clogged drain pipe is to call the plumber.

    Pod people isn't just a term for the left anymore -- they don't want to hear anything other than what they want to hear...which, surprisingly, is exactly what folks like Instapundit and Hot Air say. Kinda funny that,huh?

    Anyway, what Thesauros said.


  4. Mister Challeron,

    I guess you've already seen the reactions of most of the regular commenters on Althouse's site to your self-immolation there.

    Nope - I haven't seen anything and I'm not looking. I know how most of them "think," their being so unimaginative anyone could, so what's the point?

    I'm just glad to retire words like "moron," "idiot," and "loser" from my vocabulary, because they were getting a lot of overuse amongst that crowd. I'll stay with my own kind for now on, who may not be as large in number, but why I thought truly intelligent people were is a question that keeps me up nights already.

    As the old saying goes, there ain't no justice, there's "just us" - and that goes double amongst law professors,...