Sunday, October 21, 2012

Speaking Of A Real Woman (I've Got One For You,...)

As anyone who's read TMR for any amount of time knows, this notorious woman-hater is a huge fan of Judge Judy, so it was with great pleasure that I read this today:
The judge, who just turned 70, is smiling because she pulls down more cash than pretty much every single celebrity you can think of except LeBron James. Seriously, she makes a ton of money — an estimated $45 million annually.

You go, Girl! Whoo-hah! What-What?

And I know, as a regular viewer, every dime is well-deserved - strong, smart, funny, fair - name the descriptive of a competent woman and, in my opinion, Judge Judy has earned it. Through her singular example, the rest of these batshit crazy ladies have got a whole lot to live up to:

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