Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Idiot" Is Becoming Such A Truly Important Word,...

This is the kind of nonsense that currently passes for political discourse in my country.

And, I think, they get away with it because there's so few atheists around,...

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  1. I would actually appreciate more atheists around -- real atheists, not people having acting out fantasies against Mom, Dad, and Pastor Bob and looking for that "pretty excuse". I despise those nearly more than I admire the former.
    Yes, I would appreciate some more actual, thinking atheists of integrity -- it would be a nice leavening for the out of control religious whackdoodles (who are also lacking in thought, integrity, and are acting out on childish fantasies of their own) that have really gotten out of hand and have gotten the upper hand here.

    Do you think there might be a chance that people like that are out there? And if so, that they'd come to the fore? I'm getting very sick of all of this; I'm afraid of what this all could wind up doing to me (in the end a person only has themselves and this life to make of, and I'm very afraid of stumbling or selling out).