Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally: All The Really Big Brains Are Thinking Alike

We know how you feel. We don't care.
-- "Crunchyfrog," to me, on the Althouse blog
There’s an instrumental argument that folks on the right need to take this into account, but beyond that, I confess I don’t much care.

So just remember - the next time these guys hit you with that "we're the party of Lincoln" stuff - these Romney supporters wanna "party" alright, but Lincoln's got nothing to do with it:



  1. I think they've finally dropped the mask: they aren't the party of Lincoln anymore, or Eisenhower, or Reagan, or W for that matter (and it is interesting to note that quite a few of them don't have nice things to say about any of those guys -- in fact, they are sometimes more critical than Democrats of those very same Republican presidents...I have some theories).

    I used to be an Independent voter because I live in IL, and for state and local you just can't vote along party lines (as both parties have been completely corrupt for what seems like forever -- at least my lifetime)...but I always voted Republican for the national stuff.
    No more...I'm not expecting anything but shit candidates from the Democrats, but I'm not looking to the new GOP and their merry band of "candy mountain" pundits to be any better from here on out.

    International socialism - national socialism....pick yer poison (but don't buy the magical thinking that either one isn't poison). That's kinda where I'm at right now.


  2. ..and I love the idea of actually asking them real questions (like why should anyone vote for them if they would both continue to run huge deficits and would both continue to do end runs around the separation of powers/the Constitution...that really would be nice to see them both have to answer for)
    Alas, it will not happen.